Memoir · Non-Fiction · Short Story

A Short Memoir

I remember this moment as if it had happened five minutes ago. I had walked into the large, wooden, double doors of House of Blues, and was met by a loud rock band on stage. The walkway was filled with teenagers and tipsy adults. It was dark, but the flashing lights lit my way. I kept checking down at my phone to see if she had texted me, but I realized I had lost service.


My two friends, sister, and dad had faded away when I heard my name. The voice I had only heard in videos on Instagram or over video chat. I looked around the crowded area and my vision grew blurry from tears. Everyone and everything faded away around me as my eyes landed on her. I felt my knees grow weak as I took the three steps to meet her. I fell into her open arms as she fell into mine. I had envisioned this moment for the past three years. I pictured every word I ever wanted to say to her. But in that moment, all words abandoned me; all I could say was four little words: “Sierra, I love you.” My chest hurt as I sobbed and gasped for air. All I could think was that…this is the person I told everything to for three years. The only person I felt I could trust. She told me every detail of her life, and I told her every detail of mine. This…person- This incredible human being needed to know how much I loved her — that she was my best friend. And I could tell she thought the same thing.


My friend pulled us from each other as the band on stage was finishing their set. We decided we should find a spot to stand in the crowd and Sierra showed us to a place up front her and her friend were. The two of us cried and cried and cried as we sang along to the bands on stage and danced together. And when it ended, we cried as we had to say goodbye.
That night, on the way home, my throat hurt from the singing and the screaming and the crying. My legs were sore from standing for two hours. My head spun from the noise and the flashing lights. I was exhausted from being awake since 6:30 am and it was almost 2 am. Even though I was in physical pain, I knew this was the happiest I had ever been, and maybe ever will be.


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